Monique Poolmans is a Dutch fashion brand which focuses on sustainable high quality fashion products.

The label creates garments for conscious women who appreciate abstract & contemporary shapes. 
The patterns are geometric by using squares, straight lines and volumes, influenced by architecture and design.
Additional folding techniques and clever principles makes that the final shape of the clothing is defined by the person wearing it. Minimal stitching and the choice of sober colors finishes off the products.

Each piece of the collection is designed and produced with the emphasis on craftsmanship and respect for the environment and labour rights. By cooperating with eco-friendly fabric factories and always aiming for local production. 
Limiting the waste of materials and energy is a fundamental tenet. The choices of high quality materials and the well thought-out designs contributes to this and make the fashion products durable.

Monique Poolmans graduated as a product designer at the Delft University of Technology in 2000.